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Douglas Newton

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I have been painting seriously for about thirty years and full time for fifteen. Before that, I had a career as an art director.

At first, I worked in a "suburban surrealism" mode, painting the American landscape, houses and gardens, mostly from my imagination. I have also drawn and painted extensively from the figure. At the same time, I began painting still lives, mostly food, toys and household objects. Gradually, the still life painting became my main interest. The series of candy paintings evolved out of my food still lives.

I work directly from nature, instead of using photography as a reference.The paintings are all oil on canvas, gallery wrapped on heavy stretchers. My main focus is capturing the effects of light on form, texture and color. I also try to make the paint itself beautiful, and to feel, not like photo realism, but as rich, sensuous oil painting.


My paintings are about light. Translucency, reflections, luminosity, all the ways light can transform our perceptions. Some paintings are about light around and through paper, plastic or fabric.

I paint directly from life instead of using photographs, My compositions are very influenced by abstract painting, and use the rich, sensuous quality of oil paint to capture the beauty of what I see.

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