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Ann Shapiro

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Ann R. Shapiro

Selected Exhibitions

Solo 2018 Ceres Gallery, April 24-May 19
2015 World in Transformation, Ceres Gallery, March 31–April 25
2013 Random Topography, Ceres Gallery, NYC, February 5–March 2
2010 Altered Landscapes, Ceres Gallery, NYC, Nov. 2-27
2008 Seas Rising, Ceres Gallery, NYC, Sept. 30-Oct. 25
2006 Impact, Ceres Gallery, NYC. March 28 - April 22
2004 Meanderings, Ceres Gallery, NYC, March 26–April–22
2002 Maps and Memory and Extracting Memory, Ceres Gallery,
Jan. 29–Feb. 23

Group 2016- Maps, Traveling Show, Hebrew Union College, NYC
2014 Personal Histories, Redland Museum, (Cleveland, Queensland, Australia), Oct. 12 – Nov. 30
Cartography: Artists as Map Makers, Schweinfurth Art Center, Auburn, NY June 6-August 17
Ceres Summer Salon, Ceres Gallery, June 24-July 19
2013- Alternet, Traveling, New York, Illinois and North Carolina

Blog/ 2017 Balaz, Joe, OTOLITHS,,
Website issue 44, southern summer 2017, Marilyn R. Rosenberg &
Ann R. Shapiro, COLOR CODES IV
2016, Foggy Bay I and II, Photography
2014, Marilyn R. Rosenberg &
Ann R. Shapiro, COLOR CODES II

Collections Hebrew Union College, New York City, NY
New Hampshire College, Manchester, NH
Brooklyn Museum of Art Library, Brooklyn, NY
Museum of Modern Art Library, New York City, NY
National Museum of Women in the Arts Library,
Washington, DC
Whitney Museum of American Art Library

Education New York University, PhD, NYC, NY
Columbia University, Teachers College, M.A., NYC, NY
Simmons College, B.S., Boston, MA
Joseph Wolins Studio, New York City, NY
Art Students League, New York City, NY
School of Visual Arts, New York City, NY
Manhattan Graphics Center, New York City, NY
City College Graduate Center, New York City, NY
New York Academy of Art, New York City, NY


The varieties of transformation are infinite. In person or through visual media, we see mountain creeks become rivers, land masses vanish, trees uprooted, roads crumble, ice melting and embankments disappear. The landscape transforms in unpredictable, capricious and haphazard ways.

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