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German born artist Carmen Hay Kolodzey came to New York City in 1990, when she left her tenured teaching position (fine arts & textile) to pursue a career as a professional artist. Her Master's degree in fine arts & textile education from the University of Essen & Duisburg laid the basis for her unique, self-invented, technique in which she fuses textile material with painting techniques. In 2012 she moved to Southwestern France where she runs L'Espace d'Art International in Lavelanet, a venue to promote international, but especially New York artists within France. She exhibits her work internationally and her work can be found in private and public collections in the US and in Europe.


I deconstruct before I construct:
Colorful patterned fabrics are deconstructed into fringes, which are then hand-sewn in hundreds and hundreds of layers onto canvas, Lutradur, or paper. The resulting furry/feathery surface and the pattern and color of the fabric become the leading theme of the art work, either lyrically or analytically. Juxtaposing the fringes with painted parts, which improvise on the original pattern of the fabric, a highly tactile and illusionary surface/imagery is created. Fiber and painting are fused. Boundaries are blurred, not only between the fiber and the painted parts, but also between the work itself and the surrounding space, producing a sensuous environment.

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