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Carolyn Oberst is a pioneering interdisciplinary artist working across painting, drawing, wood relief and mixed media. Originally from Philadelphia, Oberst lived in London and Southern Spain before permanently moving to New York City. With a background in photography and fashion, Oberst eventually trained her keen eye for composition on painting. She trained at the New York Studio School before studying at the Art Students League under Marshall Glasier. She began drawing and painting full-time during this period, beginning to exhibit her work in 1980.

Oberst has exhibited her work in solo and group shows across New York City, the United States, and, internationally, in Seoul, S. Korea. Her work is held in numerous private collections.


That one can create atmosphere, space and movement on a flat surface with just color and line, makes painting magical for me. A sense of depth and mystery is evoked when a flat surface comes alive. Using these tools, there's an intentional animated quality to all my work, which captures the feeling of moving through time. I choose subjects with emotional resonance, simplify them, and then set them into abstract space. This brings together, or represents, the connection between the conscious and unconscious mind.

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