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Nature is my photographic playground. From wide-angle landscapes, to micro-landscapes of plant life, to close-up portraits of fruits and vegetables, I explore the sensuosity and drama of the natural world. My training and background as an actress laid the groundwork for my emphasis on drama and visual storytelling, which bind us together as a human family and connect us to the natural world.

I look for new perspectives in all that fills our lives. A coastline, or a common tomato, may hold a smile. A flower may explode with sensuous, contrasting color. A duo of cherries may be tied in a companionable pose. Always a bit of the rebel, I challenge the notion of beauty and traditional views - exploring what is discarded as well as what is saved, what is mundane and commonplace as well as extraordinary. Organic life takes center stage - conveying stories of life and of decay, the interconnectedness of all, binding the flora and human worlds.

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