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Ellen Alt is a mixed media artist. She has exhibited her work in the U.S, Germany, Russia, China, England and the Middle East. One of her pieces was presented to Hillary Clinton on the occasion of the peace treaty between Israel and Jordan and is in the collection of the White House. Ms. Alt also organizes community sculpture and mural projects throughout the world, which focus on social change.
She holds an MA in studio art from New York University and a BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and lives in New York City.


Polar ice is cold, colorful and stunning. It is also melting away. As I viewed the documentary "Chasing Ice" by James Balog, it was simultaneously riveting and ruinous, gorgeous and ravishing, inspiring and catastrophic. The contradictory feeling of being swept away by beauty while watching devastation is the compelling motivation for this series. On a recent trip to Alaska I encountered the ice directly. I took in the textural splendor as expected, but also saw the ice in context. This fueled my understanding and solidified my commitment to this work.

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