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I was raised in a small rural community in northeastern Indiana. After graduating from college I enjoyed a brief tenure as an art teacher while earning an M.A. from the Herron School of Art / Indiana University. I went on to study painting in the M.F.A. program at Pratt before pursuing a career in arts management that culminated at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, where I was the of deputy director of collections, exhibitions and programs. In 2013, I returned to New York and resumed full-time work as an artist. I currently maintain a studio practice in Long Island City.


Artist's Statement
I rely on a fluid, intuitive line to make bold mixed-media drawings and paintings of dissembled, life-like forms or unstable geometric constructions intertwined or trapped within architectural or skeletal grids. Neither abstract nor recognizable, the subject matter can appear both benign and threatening as forms are conjoined or aligned in surprising ways. I favor soft materials like vine charcoal, waxy crayons, or oils that generously imprint upon paper and canvas. I only use color as punctuation or disruption preferring the infinity of black. My aim is to capture fleeting aspects of a wayward landscape in constant collision with itself and resistant to any imposed order.

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