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New York artist Fran Beallor paints still lifes that are not so still as well as portraits and murals, figurative oils and watercolors with a twist. In her Accidental Encounters series, she explores the joy and abandon of childhood as objects fall, float and fly, often seen through the distortion of curved surfaces. In her Tranquility of the East prints and paintings, she captures the inspiring beauty and harmony of the Far East. Beallor's ugly fruit works, her glacier portraits, and her self-portrait-a-day series are part of a recent investigation in drawing.

In 2015 a still-life from Beallor's Accidental Encounter series joined the permanent collection of the Copelouzas Museum in Athens, Greece. She also has work in the 9/11 Memorial Museum in NY. US galley and museum shows include Grand Central Art Galleries, Brattleboro Museum and Butler Art Institute. Feature articles and reviews have been written about her work in American Artist Magazine and American Arts Quarterly. Beallor won a Greenshields Grant for realism and has been the subject of radio interviews and a series of online videos in the GeoBeats Master Series. She is represented in corporate, public and private collections. Fran Beallor recently showed in the Accessible Art Fair in NY, and finished several life-sized portraits and a large ceiling mural in a private home on NY's east side. She lives and works in NYC where she is currently at work on a still life commission.


I enjoy painting what I see. People and their artifacts inspire me, so I fill my space with beautiful and strange objects, and I fill my life with people of all different sorts. Travel inspires me - I collect friends, compelling items and sketches along the way. I use the objects and memories in my paintings, where they create an 'Accidental Encounter' between the aesthetics of different cultures and different points of view.
Fascinated by the idea of creating still lifes that are 'not so still,' I sometimes paint objects falling, floating and flying through space - objects that seem to defy gravity. But even when the objects are simply sitting in a row, they take on a life of their own, an animate quality imbued with a surreal feeling.
Having always been captivated by the effects of light, and the distortion and repetition of reflections, I find myself pulled to create worlds within worlds: I sometimes paint people, objects and locations seen through the distortion of curved and mirrored surfaces. Reflective surfaces allow me to go deeper into the pictorial space and often reveal a portrait. By including a reflective vase, I can combine my still - or not so still - life with figures and interiors. In some pieces a portrait or a self-portrait emerges, seen through the curved, mirrored surface.

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