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Fran Beallor

Album: Portraits of Glaciers by Fran Beallor 1/12

Album Description
"Fran Beallor / Portraits of Glaciers Artist's Statement Traveling is an ongoing inspiration, influencing my art in unexpected ways. Along the way I collect memories, sketches, photos and objects that I may use later in my drawings and paintings. Flying over the glacial coastline between Anchorage and Juneau in Alaska inspired Portraits of Glaciers, a new series of aerial portraits of glaciers around the world. Creating drawings so complex in detail is a meditative and compelling process. Using a variety of pencils on rag paper, I build up layers of tone and color to create intricate, patterned images that seem abstract, but which are in fact realistic renderings. Each piece in my series is a portrait of a particular glacier or glacial area. My goal is to memorialize these natural wonders and inspire people to consider their importance. Like my drawings, the concept of global warming may seem abstract, but seeing the glaciers intimately rendered makes the process feels more real and personal."

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