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Gwyneth Leech has exhibited her drawings, paintings and installations across the United States and the United Kingdom in a wide variety of museum, commercial gallery, public art and alternative spaces. Since the middle of 2015, she has been focused on documenting in oil paintings and ink drawings the progress at numerous interior and exterior construction sites in Midtown Manhattan as the area undergoes major physical and demographic changes.

"Construction Paintings", her first exhibition of this new artwork, was on view in Fall 2016 at the head office of Sciame LLC, a construction company in New York City. In February and March 2018 she exhibited "Construction Series" in the Kaufman Arcade, a public art space in the Garment District, NYC. Also in 2018, her paintings have also been included in group shows at the Pierro Gallery in South Orange, NJ and Geoffrey Young Gallery in Great Barrington, MA.

Gwyneth Leech's construction site artwork has been featured on NY1 television news, in The Village Voice, in international media and is the subject of an award-winning short documentary, The Monolith, from New York City director Angelo Guglielmo.

Gwyneth Leech received a BA from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, and a BFA and Post Graduate DA from Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, UK. The recipient of numerous awards and grants, including several Scottish Arts Council awards, a University of Colorado's President's Fund Grant, an Elizabeth Greenshields Memorial Award and a Thouron Fellowship, Leech's artwork resides in important private and public collections.


In 2015, building construction began in front of my studio window in Manhattan. Overcoming a sense of loss and the desire to flee, I made a decision to stay and record the process from the foundation up. I realized then how fast construction sites change, with new shapes, patterns, light effects and human dramas daily. It set my work on a new path. Now I see a city everywhere in a state of dynamic physical transformation and a sense of urgency drives me to witness and paint as much of it as I can.

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