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Helene Mukhtar is a painter, animator and mixed media installation artist.

Helene was born and educated in the South of France. She now lives and works in Brooklyn. She studied at the Art Students League and the School of Visual Arts in New York City and received an MFA from Florida State University. Helene's work has been exhibited widely in the US and abroad. Recent solo shows and art fairs include 440 Gallery in Brooklyn, Galerie ArtSud in France, Ion Studio in Soho, The 155 Project in Manhattan, Broadfoot and Broadfoot in New Jersey, the Asia Contemporary Art Show in Hong Kong and ArtExpo in NYC.


A painter, animator and mixed media installation artist, Helene celebrates the human spirit and life on our planet in all its forms.

On canvases, Helene uses acrylic paint and favors expressionist, abstract brush strokes or bold color fields combined with flattened forms. Her colors reflect all the warmth of the Mediterranean sun which she experienced growing up in the South of France. Stylized human shapes evolve across the canvas in a sensuous and graceful dance. Pursuing her exploration of spatial relationships, she recently started incorporating 3-dimensional panels to her paintings in a game of hide and reveal.

Her action-packed animations incorporate abstract computer-generated digital designs, live videos, characters from her paintings, and frame by frame computer drawings based on rotoscoping techniques. The final films are incorporated into custom-made sculptural modules and presented in multi-media installations.


Artexpo, NYC

Thursday, October 01, 2020 - Sunday, October 04, 2020

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