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Kristin Reed is a Brooklyn based artist who has been creating abstract paintings and collages since 2009. She currently has a studio residency in Chashama’s Brooklyn Army Terminal studios.

In the 1980-90’s Reed was known for activist street art including stencils, bus posters, street posters, artist books, community murals, and billboards.

Her work was exhibited with the Smithsonian Museum’s SITE program traveling to major museums around the US from 1989-1992, including The Queens Museum of Art in New York City, as part of an exhibition entitled “The Realm of the Coin” curated by Judith Collashan van Wagner. She was also in the DIA Foundation’s exhibit in SOHO, NYC in Martha Rosler’s “If You Lived Here: Homelessness and Other Venues.” This exhibition led to exhibiting in 2015 in “Not Yet: On the Reinvention of Documentary and the Critique of Modernism” curated by Jorge Ribalta in The Reina Sofia Cultural Center in Madrid, Spain, and in Mitchell-Innes & Nash Gallery in Chelsea, NYC in 2016 in Rosler’s “If You Can’t Afford to Live Here M-O-O-OVE” and “If You Lived Here Still: Housing is a Human Right” curated by Yoko Ott at The New Foundation in Seattle, WA in 2016.

Since beginning a meditation and Reiki practice in 2005 Reed’s work made a turn toward the abstract and spiritual. Currently her abstract work and earlier activist work are finding each other within themes of ecology and extinction.


Overwhelmed by the vast data bombardment of our information age, I grope for meaning, long to simplify and create art to process and feel whole and safe. I'm fascinated by the farthest reaches of distant galaxies, and how the tiniest particles and waves of the natural world are distilled by science into mathematics and geometry. With expressionistic marks, luminous color, violently splattered, dripped and softly sprayed paint, and a collaged flotsam & jetsam of fractured media images and text, I balance carefully drawn sacred geometries on interplaying panels. Their message is woven in a cohesive whole of separate parts, sometimes disconnected but looking toward the unity in all things. Layered dimensions reveal physics, archeology, mysticism, meditation and dream space. I am coming to recognize an inner reality within a large cosmic reality and explore consciousness in the micro and macro universes, seeking to balance the wild and chaotic with the serenity I seek.

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