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Schmidt is originally from Kansas and received an MA in drawing and an MFA in painting from the University of Iowa. Solo and Group shows have included Main Window Dumbo (NYC), Art Mora (NJ, Seoul, NYC), Denise Bibro Fine Art (NYC), Praxis Gallery (NYC), Saunder's Farm (Garrison, NY), Curious Matter (NJ), Ann Street Gallery (NY), Chazou Gallery (British Columbia), Cheryl Hazen Gallery (NYC), State of the Arts Gallery (Hong Kong), AIR Gallery (NYC) and other venues. She is represented in collections around the world.


Linda Kamille Schmidt creates fabric installations with layers of colorful transparent panels. Her work recalls celebrations, marches, banners and fairs, while simultaneously functioning as an incubator for thought and contemplation. Inspired by makers, quilters and seamstresses with sewing and design skills that have been passed down through generations in her family, she works intuitively, piecing together a mix of transparent and opaque fabrics and other materials that interact with each other, creating space and capturing ambient light and air. The result is a geometric structure that facilitates beautiful color mixtures, lighting transitions and gentle movement. There is a gestural and ephemeral quality as many of the edges are unfinished and frayed.

In Schmidt's outdoor pieces, the work interacts with the landscape as the view is altered when seen through the colorful blocks of vinyl and other transparent materials. The weather often causes ripping and fraying in areas that have been constructed with fragile materials, again emphasizing an ephemeral quality in the work.


Main Window DUMBO: Candance [Exhibit has been extended]

Friday, February 21, 2020 - Friday, May 29, 2020

Cadance - a fabric installation by Linda Schmidt at Main Window DUMBO, 1 Main Street, Brooklyn, NY

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