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Margaret Zox Brown

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I am a lifelong Manhattanite, painting the beauty that I have found in this great city. I attended the Chapin School in New York and then went on to Trinity College in Hartford. Both these experiences, along with my rich cultural life in both Manhattan and the Eastern End of Long Island have provided for me a level of excellence that is both in me and what I see in the world and seek to express with my art. Sometimes, it has just been my interpretation through dynamic color that has defined my expression. Currently, I am exploring the spirit of New Yorkers who have turned my head. As I have always done with more mundane subjects such as fruit, flowers or people in familiar poses or reflecting relatable moods, I am finding the magnificence and beauty that I know is there. Now, I am finding this with New York characters and I feel as if I am finally expressing what is most important to me; my happy connections in New York City.


My paintings are profound explorations of the soul or spirit of my subjects. I use color, aspects of design, line, form and paint and medium application to offer the viewer an opportunity to connect with my subjects, with me and also to one's own personal feelings for these familiar moods, moments and forms.

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