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Album: Fruit 1/6

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Band of Plump Fruit
Oil on Canvas50" x 62"2016This painting is large enough that it allowed me to express these fruit with the fullness and ripeness that fruit evokes for me. The colors are rich and earthy and the saw tooth layout, brings the viewer in and across. I was conscious of the viewer while painting this and so I wanted to use aspects of design that Master Artists have used and that the viewer is so drawn to. I even altered the color of one shadow and painted each object a bit differently, much like Cezanne, whom I have learned so much from.

View Image Details Beauteous Bananas

Beauteous Bananas
Oil on Canvas20" x 16"2013This painting is one that I have always felt is wonderful. Ordinarily bananas are presented horizontally. Here I really wanted to present them vertically. And because this painting is really just a flat image of paint on a flat canvas, I left a healthy drip mark in the background to accentuate that flatness as well as to show the unique orientation. Also the image of these 2 bananas, along with their shadows, form the shape of a flower which I just love.

View Image Details Majestic August Lemons

Majestic August Lemons
Oil on Canvas76" x 66"2014This painting has always been one of my absolute favorites. It is quite large and it was taken from a very small drawing of a little vase with flowers and one lemon in front of it. I broke up the huge, wild background by adding some blue grey lines that have no meaning except to break up that space. I added the ghosted lemon in front which in so doing, added a path of emptiness between the 2 objects. I love that this introduces both direction along that path as well as another layer of plane. The colors in this painting are so dynamic with strong pinks and yellows that it was not only really fun to paint, but it feels so good to experience this painting. I even anchored the painting with a strong horizontal (the purple mark on the left extending to the vase's shadow) and counter vertical (the entire big piece directly in the center on down to that small dark spot dead center on the bottom.

View Image Details A Pair of Pears

A Pair of Pears
Oil on Canvas66" x 58"2015This painting was created when I was focussing on painting fruit. I wanted to find and express the sensuousness in fruit. I have always loved the shape of pears and find their curves to be very human-like. I chose to paint them like this, each painted differently, with the sexy bulge just kissing the other. The shapes created between them fascinated me. This painting is also large so that the background glorious blues are a delight to be around. As with much of my art, we ascend to the light in this painting with the top becoming light like the sun.

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Solo Strawberry
Oil on Canvas76" x 64"2017At this time, I was into painting fruit and doing so on very large canvasses. I was also thinking about the human figure which was something I was getting ready to get back into. While this painting is of a very large strawberry, if very much represents to me a face with hair. I used a lot of blue like I had with "Pair of Pears" and I had an explosion of color throughout, as in "Majestic August Lemons." This painting was definitely a bridge to where I had been in my art and where I was headed.

View Image Details Blueberries, Before and Between

Blueberries, Before and Between
Oil on Canvas30" x 40"2020During the time I painted this, I had been in the throws of painting my series of NY Characters. I had had lunch with a friend who recommended a neighborhood fruit seller's fabulous blueberries. I bought them and was as awed by their beauty, fullness, largess and delicious taste as my friend was. So much so, that I decided to paint some blueberries before my next painting in my NY Character series and between 2 of my figures. I love this painting. The in and out of full expression to subtle outlines feels so natural to me. All the berries pointing in different directions, along with the graceful, angled branch they are blooming from feels as random and lovely as blueberries in the wild really are.

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Album Description
Some of my favorite paintings of fruit. From small to large, they are all always so sensuous.

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