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Margaret Zox Brown

Album: Figures 1/7

View Image Details A Rose Colored Window

A Rose Colored Window
Expressionist oil painting of a young girl, looking through to all the possibilities that are in front of her. It feels optimistic with all the warm colors and open ended by the sheer fact that she is not situated anywhere specific.Oil on Canvas48" x 22"2017

View Image Details Breaking Out

Breaking Out
41" x 56" 2018An Expressionist Oil painting that combines my love of the figure and love of flowers. This was one of 2 paintings that preceded my current series where I have been delving into the figure, New York Characters and discovering their unique magnificence as well as shared connection to NY. In this painting, she is just drawn in parts but emerges to where her soul and spirit can be felt through her face.

View Image Details Gazing Back

Gazing Back
24" x 30"Oil on Canvas2012A painting form a few years ago that has always struck me with an intensity that is palatable. The figure's face is the most formed and with the exaggerated fullness of his lips, along with his gaze, I am drawn to him and connected.

View Image Details Her Youthful Life with Apples and Tomatoes

Her Youthful Life with Apples and Tomatoes
Oil on Casnvas56" x 46"2018This painting's title is a play on the "Still Life." Since this phrase comes from the French, "Nature Morte" meaning literally "dead nature," I referred to my object that is in this painting as "Her Youthful Life" which is the opposite of "dead." This painting is the 2nd painting of the 2 figure paintings I did right before embarking on my current series of the magnificence of NY Characters. The girl here is beautiful and welcoming and certainly a part of this luscious, ripe, organic scene.

View Image Details I am Full of Possibility

I am Full of Possibility
Oil on Canvas66" x 56"2018This painting reflects just what its title says. The girl is partially completed and she is cradling an empty bowl, just waiting to be filled up. The colors in this painting are beautiful as in the best in nature. The optimism feels natural

View Image Details I Can! Can I?

I Can! Can I?
Oil on Canvas48" c 30"2017This is a painting where I have captured both the confidence and uncertainty that so many young people feel. He is showing us his freedom and joy through his ease of movement yet his face reveals a questioning if he really can do this. One eye is detailed, the other not. The washy paint application emphasizes the transience of even this state of being.

View Image Details Today and Tomorrow

Today and Tomorrow
Oil on Canvas64" x 40"2018This painting was inspired by the 2016 election where we almost had our first woman president. The optimism is felt through the bright sky like background that this girl is within (her feet are floating as well) She is looking up into such brightness that she has to protect her eyes. This painting really reflected an emotional state that was new to me and one that I was and am thrilled to embrace.

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Album Description
Paintings of figures where I was seeking to express the internal self; mood, personality, emotion. Color and paint along with the figure/form lead the viewer to experience what I have found remarkable enough to offer it.

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