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Marianne Barcellona earned her B.A. from Oberlin College. She then moved to New York City, where she spent two successful decades as a professional editorial photographer traveling the globe for major magazines, cultural and humanitarian organizations, and corporations. In the late 1990’s she turned her attention to her personal art and earned a Certificate in Painting from The New York Studio School. Barcellona combines her loves of photography and painting to create images that register her personal sense of being a solitary witness to her own life’s encounters. She has been awarded fellowships at ten internationally-renowned artist residencies, and her work has been included in over 70 exhibitions. Barcellona’s great love is travel, particularly to unfamiliar environments. Her direct and through-the-lens experiences of different cultures and landscapes provide the inspiration for her artwork.


My art is my way of registering my experiences and seeing my self reflected back to me."Beauty" has gotten a bad reputation, but to me it is what stops me in my tracks and allows me to access a deeper part of my self that is timeless. My art is a translation of my perceptions of beauty around me when combined with the visceral connection I feel with my materials: paints, brushes, inks, pens, paper. My art is also my mirror to gain a certain kind of understanding of myself in relation to this planet.

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