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Robert Lobe came to color photography in the late 1970's from a painting tradition. He received a master's degree in art history from Brown University, after which he studied painting at RISD and the New York Studio School. Lobe studied color photography at the International Center of Photography and in independent workshops with master printer Jerry Vezzuso. Robert Lobe has had solo exhibitions at the University of Rhode Island, the Soho Photo Gallery, and the Concepto Gallery (Brooklyn). Ten of Lobe's color photographs were included in Queens International 2012, the biennial exhibition of the Queens Museum of Art.


My color photographs are a kind of "urban still life." When I walk the streets of New York and other great cities, I focus my lens on street level details to which people typically pay little attention. Yet I find that urban details can express unusual beauty, mystery and complex meaning. In my photographs I make use of found, often striking color, close observation of patterns and visual rhythms, and the unexpected juxtaposition of ordinary objects. Careful framing becomes the final critical decision.

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