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Living in Windsor Terrace for over 25 years, Prospect Park and Brooklyn Botanic Garden has been a source of inspiration. “Walking in nature helps me to think clearly, solve problems and meditate - all essential for well being. Further to that end, we have a country house in upstate New York. For the past 11 years spending time with the waterfall that lives on our property has influenced my relationship to flowing water. I also now have access to magical woods without leaving home. I am also influenced by the climates and cultures from traveling experiences.” Kinetic…musical…whimsical… Glassman works with guitar strings, scavenged tree parts, dental floss, sea grape leaves and many found materials to create mobiles, sculptures and installations. “Using tropical, rural and urban findings, my creations are about being present and then carrying the souvenirs back home.” Glassman’s collages, drawings, paintings, assemblages, and installations have been exhibited in galleries, cafes, parks, and concert halls throughout NYC and Ulster County, New York. She lives with her husband, John and dog, Blanca.


Inspired and influenced by her illness, travels, and an obsession with collecting. Her playful and, sometimes, spiritual art pieces evolve organically through spontaneous mark making and meditation. Glassman's works are layered and tactile, eclectic and exploratory, metaphoric and poetic. By combining biomorphic shapes with intricate details, she plays with the blurry lines that divide the natural world from the more abstract and surreal one.

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