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Sheryl Intrator, is an artist, curator, art historian lecturer and teacher, who has exhibited her work throughout the United States and internationally. She curated shows both nationally and internationally. She received an Artist Residency and is active in art organizations. She is a series painter. She experiments with materials including a variety of paints, resins, glazes and gold leaf, on wood or other surfaces to bring her work to life. She created: Art For Learning, LLC., a vibrant art business operating over 20 years, it includes school programing, art lectures and enrichment programs for all ages.


Sharing and interpreting ideas, or something I see or imagine, fuels my desire to create. The use of materials, color, design, line and shape empowers me. Finding an artistic technique and different materials is exciting for me. Often, I experiment and work in series, because ideas continue to unfold and build upon each other. My goal is to create an artwork which will speak to the viewer. I want to communicate and share my sense of creation with the viewer, through my artwork.

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