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Susan Beallor-Snyder is a mixed media artist. Born and raised on the Upper West side of Manhattan, Beallor-Snyder's creative, inquisitive nature has led her to pursue several different mediums over the course of her career: photography, classical goldsmithing and sculpture. Exemplified in her current body of large-scale manila rope forms, her practice as an artist is to find depth within simple subjects and materials; breathing profound emotion into the compositions she creates. In addition to working as an artist, Beallor-Snyder has a background in film and television production and a passion for natural foods and holistic living.


Finding balance to pursue my artwork as well as being fully present and engaged in my family life has been a struggle. My rope sculptures are the manifestation of these emotions. These forms are "meditations" allowing the viewer to get lost in the work and create their own story.

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