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As a Dutch-born artist living in New York my art explores identity, immigration, heritage, tikkun olam, and kabbala.

I have exhibited and curated in galleries and museums nationally and internationally, most recently at the JADA Art Fair at Miami Art Week, December 2019.

In addition I am doing interactive, collaborative works; these consist of mediated digital painting collage and acrylic paint on canvas, with Augmented Reality. Using an iPad or smart-phone, the viewer triggers videos embedded in the artwork, embarking on a discovery process that leads the viewer closer to experiencing the themes of the work.

With artist Katarzyna Kozera I am collaborating on the series “The Book of Yona”, which blends the stories of our immigrant lives with the biblical tale about the prophet Jonah / Yona. Embedded videos in the artwork delve deeper into these stories.

With artist Cynthia Beth Rubin our series “History, Heritage and the Lower East Side” weaves together the stories of the past and the present in layers of paint, photographs, video, recordings, and music. Working with Jewish architecture from throughout the world, our work evokes the traces of melded histories.

I am also the Founder / Director of the Jewish Art Salon, the largest Jewish visual arts organization in the world.


This work from the series “The Book of Yona” is a joint project with artist Katarzyna Kozera. It blends the stories of our immigrant lives with that of the biblical prophet Jonah / Yona, my namesake. The art touches on issues of identity, immigration, and heritage, and includes “augmented reality”. Using an iPad or smartphone with the right app, the viewer can trigger videos or photos of the source material embedded in the artwork.

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