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Yvette Cohen

Album: Site-Specific Installation 1/14

Album Description
"COLOR + SHAPE = SPACE an Installation for Basta Pasta Much of my work is intended for site-specific installations. Artwork is created specifically for a particular space or room. Every square inch of the space is measured out before I go to the drawing board, to consider the use of the space, the people, the mood. Walking into a space, we see everything, without seeing one thing in particular. The art is a natural fit. It does not overwhelm. It belongs here. Basta Pasta is the renowned Japanese-Italian restaurant in the heart of the Flatiron district of New York City. This installation takes the viewer through the space, to experience joy and playfulness, and curiosity. How can this artwork, that mounts flat on the wall, appear to float in space? The entire restaurant becomes the canvas as you see artwork over the bar, over the pastry chef, on the sidewalls, and in the back room."

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