Ellen Alt

Long Island City 1/8

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Ice Melting_Pearls

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I have been working with the idea of melting ice since I saw the James Balog documentary “Chasing Ice” in 2004. The current project is the third series of ice explorations. The first was about the forms and beauty of melting ice, the second about linguistic messages exposed through the melt and this one about equilibrium and dispersal. They all address the contradictory feeling of comprehending devastation while being swept away by the beauty of the process.

This series is about the balance between liquid and frozen, salty and fresh; sky, land and sea. What is changing through melting and what will be revealed? Messages appear in the series as linguistic symbols of human culture showing us our history and how to proceed to communicate regardless of linguistic, political and physical barriers. As the solid ice shrinks, droplets disperse into our air and water. The interconnectedness of nature mirrors our relationship to our planet.

The series consists of ten 30” x 20” mixed media panels, each divided into sky, ice and water. They hang in a row, each ice section diminishing as you move from left to right.

Materials include acrylic, spray paint, watercolor, ink, glass, sugar, salt, plastic and glass.

My new studio in Long Island City.

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